Plot Member Resources

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Plot Abandonment Policy

A plot abandonment policy helps make sure all plots are being well utilized and we are able to meet community demand for plots. 490 Farmers will maintain a waitlist for plots. This is a first come, first served waitlist.

490 Farmers ask that all plot members keep an active and well maintained plot to make sure that they are being conscious of their garden’s essential role within 490 Farm’s ecosystem. Weeds going to seed and bolting plants can easily spread to surrounding beds, so to make sure that no beds become overgrown, we will be instituting procedures for beds that have been abandoned or severely neglected.

The 490 team will always be available as a resource if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help caring for your plot, and we encourage you to continue collaborating with your fellow plot members for advice and share gardening insight! If, for any reason, you are unable to look after your plot for an extended period of time, please let a representative of 490 know, and we will work together to organize proper care until you can make it back to the garden with us. In the event that any beds are abandoned or fall to neglect without appropriate communication, we will be using the following procedures:

  • If a plot member has not paid their renewal fee or worked out an agreement with the Executive Director by May 1, the plot will be given to the next person on the waitlist after appropriate communication has been made. 490 Farmers is committed to making plots available to community members regardless of the ability to pay.

  • If a plot member has not begun preparing and/or planting by June 1st, the plot member will receive an email reminding the plot member of this abandonment policy and we will double check plot interest.

  • If a plot member has not started planting by June 15, it will be passed along to the next person on the waitlist.

  • During the growing season, if your plot becomes abandoned or severely neglected a member of 490 will reach out to you. If the condition of the plot does not improve within two weeks, access and care of the plot will be transferred to the next person on the waiting list.

  • Plots are not transferable. If you no-longer want your plot, please let a member of 490 know so that it can be passed to the next person on the waitlist.