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We are looking for feedback from our plot members! If you are a current or past plot member, please fill out THIS survey. Participants will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Abundance Co-op and a 490 Farmers 2022 Calendar!

How it works:

  1. Plots are reserved from April 1st through Oct 31st. Current members get first choice of renewing or exchanging their plot at the end of the season. Surrendered plots are available to new members on a first come first serve basis.

  2. Plots can be used to grow food, flowers or herbs. Any invasive plants such as mint, strawberries, butterfly bush, myrtle or ivy must be kept in containers. Don't hesitate to ask a neighbor or staff member if you aren't sure what's invasive!

  3. Plot members are expected to maintain their plot throughout the season. If you become unable to tend your plot, we ask that you let us know asap so we can pass it along to someone on the waitlist.

  4. Members are responsible for any security or fencing to prevent theft from their own plots. Unfortunately, due to our high visibility location we do have problems with veggie theft (common targets are large crops such as squash, melons, tomatoes, & corn). If you see someone taking from a plot, please kindly redirect them to the Free Food Forest area or Little Free Pantry.

  5. Members are responsible for cleaning up and putting their garden to bed at the end of the season. This includes pulling out weeds, mulching, and composting old plants.

Plots sizes and cost (per season):

5x5': $20

4x8': $25

5x10': $30

8x8': $35

10x10': $50

**The cost includes an enclosed raised bed, soil, water on site, and access to shared tools. Plants & seeds not included.**

Have questions?

Email for more information, or stop by the garden during one of our volunteer days.